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At the beginning of digital marketing work, we must identify our target market and plan based on it. One of the digital marketing management tools is its timely planning and implementation. Because the environment is always dynamic. “Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s trash.”

Digital Marketing Services

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How to decide on the best digital marketing services for your business

Use SEO services if you want to increase traffic

Where should you be displayed in order to be seen more? It’s true that the first page of Google, Bing, etc. results is in the words that users search and are trending. In this way, you target many customers.

Use PPC services if you’re looking for immediate results

SEO services are used for Google results and it is a long-term plan for your business, but if you need to quickly be on top of everyone, you can use PPC. The categories of these ads are not limited to Google and there are other models of these ads.

Use social media services if you’re looking for a strategy that can double as customer service

You should be more active in the social network than before! Social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. can bring you a lot of traffic and users depending on your needs.

Use web design services if you want to increase brand awareness

Web design is one of the most important parts used to make your brand visible and trustworthy. Having a website can greatly increase your hand in managing users, online sales, etc.

Use email marketing services if you want to stay top-of-mind

Email marketing helps you announce site updates or your discounts and campaigns to customers or even send special offers to users.

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More than 90% of people’s online experiences begin with a simple online search through search engines like Google, and they use it for research, shopping, and entertainment.

When people are looking for products or services, they tend to go with whoever has the highest ranking. With SEO, you can rank on a search engine’s (like Google) results page for your most relevant keywords, thereby reaching a large number of potential buyers or consumers. Optimize your website with on-page (One-Page Seo) and off-page (Off-Page Seo) optimization.

Our team will help your business to get more organic click and after that more phone call and, request quote and more shipping. To provide your business best result, we also offer to use our Web Design and Development and Social Media Management Services 

Internal SEO includes choosing the right keywords and providing meta descriptions for your content; While off-page SEO includes external linking techniques and backlink creation, website technical optimization and more. Together, internal and external SEO create signals that Google can use to rank your site. There is even a subcategory called local SEO that focuses on marketing small businesses to their local communities. SEO helps marketers get high-quality website traffic and high conversion potential by optimizing their online content.

The biggest drawback to SEO is that its results are long-term; This may be a bit time-consuming for some business owners; Especially the algorithms that search engines like Google use to rank content are always updated. However, with SEO, you will have more longevity to be seen in the primary results.

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Pay Per Click or PPC is a special advertising model where you only pay for the number of clicks you get on your ad. As a result, the cost of your ads is proportional to the total number of clicks that users have made on the ad. Due to this, the more clicks, the higher the cost. In click ads, you receive clicks and pay according to the price per click you set and the budget you consider for your ads.

PPC falls under the umbrella of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) when applied to SERP advertising; But it can also extend to affiliate marketing (which we explain below) and advertising on other popular sites.

Since click ads usually require a small upfront cost, this makes them ideal for small businesses with limited budgets.

Social Media Marketing (SMM), as the name suggests, is all about harnessing the power of content on these networks to market your business. Social networks have dominated digital media for the past decade, attracting millions or even billions of users worldwide. This makes them a valuable source of traffic.

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is creating shareable (maybe even viral) content. You can share your product or service posts directly on your profile or you can add social media sharing buttons on your website.

Social networks are one of the few digital channels that provide two-way communication between brands and customers easily. Users can like your posts, comment and engage with your content.

Content marketing is one of the best types of digital marketing branches. Businesses usually market their products, services or brand by advertising. With content marketing, you focus on increasing your value through relevant and useful content. Content marketing drives results, builds trust, and builds brand awareness. By publishing quality content, you establish yourself as an authority in your field. Great content is also more likely to be shared and referenced, increasing your reputation among both customers and industry professionals. In other words, content marketing is all about creating content that your audience wants to see, with the goal of influencing their purchasing decisions; Therefore, good content should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy.

Content marketing includes different types of content. Blogs, videos, social media posts, e-books, brochures, infographics, case studies, etc. are all examples of popular content types on the web.

The number and types of digital marketing tools are very large. In this content, we tried to introduce many of them. We hope that getting to know them will help you to run better and more effective campaigns by making the right decision and choice.

Email also has the ability to support other marketing objectives; So it’s no surprise that 73% of B2B marketers say email is their primary tool for generating leads and revenue.

Beyond lead generation and revenue, email has become so widespread that it reached 3.9 billion users in 2020 and is expected to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023; More than half of the world’s population! For roughly every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect a $42 return on investment. A series of emails sent to customers is useful for building a relationship and building trust with them, and in many cases leads to a purchase.

To make better use of this marketing channel, make a list of upcoming events and important days and give amazing offers to your contacts.

Personalize your email marketing campaigns. Whenever someone takes a specific action, like visiting your product pages or signing up for a free trial, send them emails with the right message based on where they are in the buying cycle.

Reserve email for feedback and customer support. Good customer service is always a good way to increase sales; Therefore, from survey to investigation and problem solving, the use of emails is very useful.

Your website is the biggest showcase for your business. So your website design is very important. We at Naveen understand this very well and have the necessary skills and experience to create a quality website worthy of your name.

All it takes to build a great website

  • Basic and eye-catching design
    Our designers will create a unique and attractive website for you
  • Compliance with global standards
    We will meet all the standards of the day of web design on your website.
  • Full facilities
    You will have all the necessary facilities to manage and develop your website.
  • Training and support
    We teach you how to manage your website and answer your fully support our products.

Copywriter produces accurate, attractive and convincing content. The purpose of this content is to encourage people to do something (usually buy a product or subscribe to a service). They find creative ways to turn their clients’ abstract ideas into compelling promotional content. Copywriters produce advertising material for magazines, websites, blogs, television shows, or other content-driven media. In this article, you will learn about the job of a copywriter, his duties, education and skills.

Our copywriters edit the texts of your site in such a way that you can easily send your users to buy products.

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FAQs about digital marketing services

With the increasing access of people to the Internet and its growing trend, marketing is also affected. Marketing has always been about communicating with audiences at the right place and time. Today, that means you need to target people where they’re spending their time; That is, on the Internet. Therefore, offline marketing is no longer as effective as it used to be, and you have to rush to digital marketing with a new approach.

“Digital marketing is a type of marketing of products and services that is done through electronic devices.”

In the online type of digital marketing, you use channels that are on the web to introduce your brand and products and services to potential customers. Internet, applications, search engines, social networks and other digital tools are the channels through which you can reach your target audience.

There are different types of digital marketing channels. These channels are platforms that you can use to reach target audiences that are relevant to your brand, product or service and get closer to your marketing goals.

Keep in mind that neither is inherently better than the other; Depending on your conditions and needs, you should know which digital marketing channel to use and then implement the best practices to achieve your goals. Most of your goals will probably be about generating leads, increasing brand awareness, improving conversion rates, and ultimately, more sales. Additionally, you can consider and combine a combination of strategies for different goals.

Next, we will discuss each of these branches of digital marketing and you will see which one has the most potential to meet the needs of your business and audience.

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search
  • E-mail marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Network marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Sponsored content
  • Online public relations
  • Inbound marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile marketing

The amount of budget required depends on your digital marketing strategy. For the first category, which was offline digital marketing, your costs may be very high. The skyrocketing prices of television advertisements cannot be ignored. But there are much cheaper methods of online marketing. however, small-to-midsized businesses will invest around $1500 to $15,000 per month on professional online marketing services.

If you are thinking of developing your business, there will be many options in front of you. Search engine optimization or SEO, content strategy selection, content marketing, advertising, branding, marketing, etc. are activities that you must do to succeed in your path.

But the question that arises is how to choose the best digital marketing agency in Iran? In the following, we will introduce you some of the features that you should consider for cooperation with a marketing agency.

Advanced technology

The first characteristic of a good digital marketing agency is having the right technology and the right people to use that technology. Technology in marketing agencies means having software and programs required for various platforms. For example, the design team should use the best software for designing advertising billboards and photos; Or the SEO team should use professional and appropriate analysis tools for search engine optimization.


People who think differently will help your business grow. Modern digital marketing strategies require innovation in the way you think and approach marketing your business. Coming up with unique and new ideas will help you be the best. A great digital marketing agency should be able to generate important, impactful, yet innovative ideas. So try to work with a digital advertising agency that has creative and innovative forces.

Experienced and expert

Regardless of the type of service you need, first of all, you should make sure that the agency you hire has an expert and professional team for your project. Having a professional and expert team is one of the important features of the best digital marketing agencies. For example, if the company you want to hire does not have a graphic designer, it is certainly not possible to cooperate with them for logo design and graphic work.


Digital marketing agencies are usually proud of their track record and the people they work with. Make a list of clients they work with to get a sense of the marketing company’s credibility. Of course, the bigger and better clients they have and the more successful they are in their work, the better that agency is.


Effective and good communication is one of the most important parts of building any relationship. Cooperation with a company that responds to you and your needs in the fastest time and helps you in the best way on the way to progress is one of the most important features of the best marketing company.

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