Twodook online store

Design and implementation of Twodook online store user interface, design of unique site banners according to products, digital marketing consulting and optimization of store site with high loading speed, product page design

Website design and digital marketing consulting

During successive meetings, we came up with the design of the user interface with Todook. Before implementing, we sent the design file for final approval and made the changes they wanted, and then implemented the store site.
Todook, after getting acquainted with IranWebSaz design team, entrusted us with designing banners of the site according to their products and digital marketing consulting. On the other hand, IranWebSaz team focused on digital marketing package, site optimization, high loading speed and design. The product page was also intended for Todook.

Web design

Digital Marketing Consulting

Advertising banner design

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Technical team

IranWebSaz is proud to have used an experienced and expert team for this work and thanks to the good team that has always been present in IranWebSaz as a family.

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