Website development & user interface design

OF Sheydehgame Online Shop


Where did this project start? The user interface design of this website has been done in the Figma web application. The development of this website is based on WordPress. The store, login system, forms and etc. have been specially designed and development for this website.

Designing an online store for buying and selling game accounts with in-app payments, designing an easy and personalized user interface, designing automatic sales automation with ticket support, designing product pages, and office automation.

We are a young and expert team and have been working in the field of programming and development of many businesses since 2016. In these years, due to the existence of different types of businesses, we have had the honor to help businesses not only in the field of software but also as an arm of digital business and all kinds of direct and hidden needs. We have fulfilled them.

Color palette and design font

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User interface design