Product design, R&D, user interface design, user flow design
OF Iranian technology service web application


When the WordPress site alone could not meet the management needs of the customers of the Iranian Technology Services Company, a request for a new design and management panel for the customers was sent to me. This is where the story of my cooperation with this company began ! At first, the client’s request was only to have a ticketing system with online payment capability, but with R&D and the persona of the users who were supposed to work with this system, the project requirements changed completely and became a complete system management platform.


The main problem of the traditional management of a company that operates in the field of technology. The platform should be designed so simply that any person can easily send their request without getting involved in technical issues.


Designing a platform where anyone can easily place their requests and the company can easily manage customer requests and payments.


Minimal design, Benchmark of similar businesses, design using related graphic elements, integrated system design

Color palette and design font

Instagram Account Management

Client architecture and layout

Admin architecture and layout

System design

User Flow for order registration

User interface design