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Did you know that 75% of comments about website credibility come from design? If you want people to look at your services and see you as credible, you need to invest in designing a website for service pages to give your audience a positive experience. Not sure how to create a service page? do not worry! With more than 8 years of experience, the team of Iran Web Saz designers will help you to create a service site that is suitable for your business.

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services site

Service site design elements

  • Achievements

    Achievements is a great example of a service page layout that you work with. Right at the top of the page, Achievements provides an engaging and concise visual description of your successful program in your field. Achievements use several visual elements such as loading percentages and symbols to attract and interest users.
    Tips from this service page layout
    The main point when you want to design your website is to focus on the user. Not only should you focus on the user, but you should also add elements that make your page more attractive. This helps keep the leads on your page longer so they can find out about your services and get in touch with your business. Iran WebSaz Digital Marketing Agency is ready to work with you with 8 years of experience in this field.
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  • Arc

    Arc service page layout is simple. Iran Web Saz Design Group has a Venn diagram that includes services and complete life cycle technologies for businesses. The user can see in an instant what services the company offers. And this alone shows a unique design that can turn the user into a customer after visiting the site.
    Impression of this service page layout
    Simplicity is the key. Our team will create a better service page by removing cracks and focusing on providing the information users need. People will find your information faster and will not have to scrutinize your full service page to find out what they need.
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Service site design

If your goal is to design a service site to compete with competing sites and companies, you need to consider a unique design for your site that suits the needs and tastes of you and your end customer. Looking at successful service sites, we find that the principles of increasing site traffic and improving the site’s SEO ranking depend on the type of activity you do that must be properly observed. In addition, you can always keep your site up to date by producing consistent content. Our team of experts is always ready to serve you.

Responsive service site design

According to site traffic statistics, most of the work on the Internet today is done through smartphones and tablets, and this amount is increasing every day. Therefore, there is no doubt that the service site should be designed in such a way that it is well compatible with the screen size of a smart device and there is no need for the user to bother to view all parts of your site and make a purchase. Also one of the most important aspects of search engine popularity is the responsive design of websites.

Technical support of service site

Continuous technical support and after-sales service, after building a service website, has always been one of the main principles and goals of Iran Web Builder to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort. Our dear customers can work 24 hours a day by ticket or contact number The sites listed on the site should be in contact with the team of Iran Web Builders experts. Online store technical support includes the following:

High speed online store

Constant availability of the site is not a requirement, but a basic principle. It is difficult to buy high quality, high speed and reliable hosts but it can increase the visits and rank of your site. The possibility of developing your websites is also possible in Iran Web Saz Digital Marketing Company.
The first question that people ask their website design company to design their unique site is how to design a service site? The service website should be designed in such a way as to instill a sense of trust and security in the purchase of services to the user and turn him into a regular customer.

Regular customers need an attractive and easy user interface, which makes attractiveness in designing a service site very important. The attractiveness of the service site is important because the customer in the first encounter decides whether to return for the service or not! This also applies to the design of other online sites. In general, for the design of service sites, it is better to observe visual elements, effective sales strategies and psychological principles in shopping, if any of the items mentioned in the design of store sites are not considered. It will have negative effects on attracting the user and the customer.
After determining the customer needs for designing a service site, almost half of the ordering and implementation of the site design project has been completed. According to the customer’s needs, the design company concludes which is the most optimal design mode for the customer’s virtual business site. Once designed and approved by the employer, you, like a large company, should have a long-term plan for designing your site. You may not have high expectations and needs from your site at first, but as you grow your business, you will eventually need more and newer features and requirements.

Iran Webmaker: “Smart design, higher satisfaction, more revenue all complement each other.”

Start creating your unique service page today
Your service page plays an important role in converting leads into revenue. You need to take the time to develop a service page that provides valuable information to and engages your audience. If you want to know how to create a service page, you can contact our consultants right now. Because Iran Web Builder invites you to a free consultation with experienced experts.
With a team of expert designers, we help you create unique, brand-focused service pages that engage your audience and get them to learn about your services. Contact us today with the numbers inside the site.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Service Site Design

Yes, Iran Web Saz design and development team allows customers to purchase services, after receiving the electronic symbol and the banking portal, you can activate online payments or use the interface portal on the website.

در فیلتر پیشرفته، خدمات با مشخصات فنی و ظاهری برای جستجوی دقیق تر در سایت فیلتر می شوند.

Site tariffs are determined in accordance with programming standards, attractiveness and design quality. The cost of designing a site in Iran varies from a few hundred thousand tomans to several hundred million tomans. In fact, the price of site design is commensurate with the services provided. Iran WebSaz Digital Marketing Agency is proud that during 8 years of work, it has been able to surpass its competitors with high quality design and reasonable prices and keep its customers satisfied.

All sites developed by the Iran Web Builder team are based on SEO, but if you need SEO advice and analysis to develop your website, refer to the SEO page. Or contact our consultants.

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