Elara School

Design and implementation of modern user interface of Elara Online School, networking, content production, Instagram marketing, digital marketing, unique site and the most powerful LMS by producing various courses, benefiting from simultaneous online classes as well as online store With the ability of customer club, logo design and office set for Elara online school

During successive meetings, we came up with an attractive and modern user interface design with the approval of Elara School. Before implementing, we sent the design file for final approval and made the changes they wanted, and then implemented the Elara online store with smart LMS. Elara site has the ability to hold online classes.

Elara School, after getting acquainted with the design team of IranWebSaz, started designing logos and producing site content, as well as digital marketing and designing logo office sets, which include: logo design, designing office letterheads and producing textual content. And they also handed over a video to the IranWebSaz team.

تیم فنی

ایران وب ساز مفتخر است که از تیمی با تجربه و خبره برای این کار استفاده کرده و ممنون از تیم خوبی ک همیشه مثل یک خانواده در ایران وب ساز حضور داشتند .

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طراح رابط کاربری

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طراح لوگو

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پیاده سازی سایت

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