Dr.Ghamsari site

Design and implementation of a modern user interface for Dr.Ghamsari, in order to explain her services and provide all medical services, the ability to book online appointments for patients, production of video and textual content for the site, production of Instagram content. Logo design and office set for Dr.Ghamsari

Website design and digital marketing

During successive meetings, we came up with an attractive and modern user interface design with the approval of Dr.Ghamsari. Before implementing, we sent the design file for final approval and made the changes they wanted, and then implemented the site with the possibility of booking time online.

Logo design and office set

Dr.Ghamsari , after getting acquainted with the design team of IranWebSaz, started designing the logo and content production of the site, and also handed over their digital marketing, which included: Instagram marketing and SEO, to the IranWebSaz team.

Web design

Logo design and office set

Content production

Site optimization


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Technical team

IranWebSaz is proud to have used an experienced and expert team for this work and thanks to the good team that has always been present in IranWebSaz as a family.

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