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Celebon Online Store

Design and implementation of Celebon online store site, SEO, digital marketing, user interface design suitable for famous and large brands of Iran, holding several campaigns, product page design, high loading speed and site optimization

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نمونه کار طراحی سایت
فروشگاه اینترنتی سله بن

About Celebon

Celebon entered the era of professional production of Iranian clothing in 2010 with a backing full of experience in the production and weaving of fabrics. Our mission in Celebon Group is to produce the minimum need for family clothes with the best quality and the lowest possible price for all sections of Iranian society. We have established the value frameworks of Celebon based on family values, in addition to relying on Iranian culture and identity, to produce clothing in accordance with international standards. Our vision is to produce the minimum clothing needs of the Iranian people, including men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and children’s clothing by attending the centers of all provinces of the country for easy access until 1405.

Our cooperation with Celebon

Our collaboration with the Celebon group began when the Corona virus was at its peak. Face-to-face stores were closed and the need to have a powerful online store was felt for Celebon. During several meetings of our team with the Celebon Group, the prerequisites of the site design, the website design foundation plan was done and the design of the Celebon store site was started.

Store Site Design
نمونه کار طراحی سایت

Holding sales campaigns and designing landing pages of collections

Our cooperation with Celebon is not limited to site design. Our team at celebon is in the optimization and SEO and consulting in order to produce content, hold advertising campaigns, train the celebon team in order to better manage the site and improve the activity in cyberspace. Examples of landing pages designed for celebon is available below.

Features of Celebon website

Attractive user interface design
Fully responsive
Powerful store
Dedicated reporting
SMS registration and login
Online customer support system
Integration with accounting software
Holding advertising campaigns

Our other portfolio

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