Banian Teb Pars

Website design of the largest manufacturer of needles, this site is designed in such a way that you can see all the services provided by Banian Teb Pars Company in one page and you can view the site in both Persian and English, all products See in a creative design on the same page, you can see the current user interface of the site and graphic banners of the site and products on this site.

Content design and production of Banian Teb Pars

During successive meetings, we came up with the design of an attractive user interface for the founders of Banian Teb Pars and the technical team. Before implementing, we sent the design file for final approval and made the changes they wanted, and then implemented the site in two languages.
The founders of  Banian Pars Teb, after getting acquainted with the design team of IranWebSaz, started designing graphic banners and designing product banners, as well as handing over their business branding, which includes: designing product catalogs, to IranWebSaz.

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